Accelerating the Digital Economy

Deblock is VC firm and accelerator jointly founded by ICON, the leading Korean blockchain protocol & AD4th Insight, a leading blockchain based marketing company.

Deblock's mission is to accelerate the global digital economy by discovering and nurturing entrepreneurs with great talent. We invest in and accelerate various projects mainly running on the ICON ecosystem and other protocols. Read our full mission statement here.



Both an Investor and a Partner

Deblock pursues decentralized, secure, and transparent projects in the pre-ICO stage.
We provide marketing, token economics advice, and active networking with both national and global leaders in the blockchain space. Deblock is the partner building your businesses together - Not only an investor, but also an accelerator.


Backed By ICON


Teams that build on ICON will receive full technical and business support from the ICON Team.

ICON boasts the most extensive blockchain network in South Korea, and networking opportunities and events will be provided.


Funding opportunities


Deblock provides direct funding as well as funding opportunities for our projects.

We connect projects to potential investors not only in Korea but with the largest crypto investment firms in the world.



Deblock boasts one of the largest blockchain networks in Korea. As an accelerator we provide active networking support through events and partnerships.

We connect you to strategic partners that can help with the essential phases of your projects including token economics consulting, legal, and KYC/AML requirements. 



Deblock has a strong focus on marketing, both nationally and globally.

We help our projects with marketing through media companies in Korea as well as globally through our many strategic global partners.